What does RockyGains mean?
The meaning behind the brand is that in order to accomplish your dreams the journey will be challenging (Rocky), overcoming these "road bumps" will allow you to grow and achieve your goals (Gains).
Why don't you carry XL/XXL/XXXL sizes for certain products?
We do have a few products that offer XL-XXXL sizing. Although, we are working on expanding our size ranger for more activewear apparel. At this time we do not have an exact date on the release of these products.
How do I know what size I should choose?
Our product pages have size charts and product descriptions also note any sizing recommendations. If you have any questions or would like a recommendation you can contact our team
What is the return policy?
Typically any issues within 30 days will be taken care of just contact Head over to our "Returns" page for more information!
How can I become an ambassador or sponsored athlete?
All of our customers are a part of #TeamRocky, but if you would like to be affiliated with our brand you can apply on the "Become An Ambassador" tab. We typically start everyone out as a brand ambassador. Sponsored Athletes are contacted directly or are high performing brand ambassadors.