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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does RockyGains mean?

The meaning behind the brand is that in order to achieve your goals the journey will be challenging (Rocky), but overcoming these "road bumps" will only allow you to grow and achieve your goals (Gains).

Why don't you carry XL/XXL/XXXL sizes for certain products?

Unfortunately, since we are a small brand we do not meet our manufacturer's minimum quantities to do these sizes on certain products. We are doing our best to grow so that we can reach/negotiate these minimums. We apologize in advance.

How do I know what size I should choose?

Most of our products have size charts attached in the description. Products are also noted if it is recommend to go up a size. We are working on creating size charts for all products. If there is any issue you can contact our support team

What is the return policy?

Typically any issues within 30 days will be taken care of, however if there is ever an issue you can reach out to our support team

How can I become an ambassador or sponsored athlete?

All of our customers are a part of #TeamRocky, but if you would like to be affiliated with our brand you can apply on the "Become An Ambassador" tab. Note: There are different tiers of ambassadors which is decided by our team.

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